Bible Passages / Lenten Meditation

Lenten Meditation-Mark 3:13

Jesus Appoints the Twelve

13 He went up the mountain and called to him those whom he wanted, and they came to him.

Those men whom he called became these men, the Apostles. I use the word these because it implies nearness. Jesus called them to be near to him. These men didn’t know what would happen, but they came. They were chosen by God, as each of us are chosen. They went up the mountain when he called. How close to God we could be if we would just come to Jesus when he calls.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I hear you call. I want to be near. I know that whenever I sin that nearness is lost, for I am not hearing your call. I climb and I stumble. You lift me up and I am near. In your holy name I pray.  Amen


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