Gray Hair Wisdom

Parzival Book III – A Quote

“It grieves me that so many share the name of woman. They all have the same clear voices, but plenty of them are quick to falsity, while others are free from falsity, and thus things vary. But that they should bear the same name, shames my heart. Womanhood, with your true nature goes fidelity, and always has gone. A good many people say that poverty serves no good, but anyone enduring it for fidelity’s sake his soul will escape hellfire. There was a woman who endured it for fidelity’s sake and thereby her gift was compensated in heaven with eternal giving. I fancy there are few such now alive who would renounce the world’s riches while still young for the glory of heaven. I know of none such. Man or woman, they are all the same, all alike shirk it.”

Since I have not written in this blog since March, I decided that the first page I opened to in Parzival I would quote from it. I opened Parzival to the quote above. I too no of none such, man or woman.


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