The Quest

my rants-my wilderness-my quest-my thoughts-my journey… how about: My Journal: Entry 1- ONE VISITOR TODAY


I had one person visit my blog today. I had ten persons yesterday; a big zero the day before. I’m not catching anybodies interest. I do have 10 followers. Thank you for becoming part of my community! I am one of millions and millions of voices crying in the wilderness; so much to choose from. Everyone writing at once. The cacophony is maddening.

Shout out to the ONE. HELLO ONE! Hello one person that stumbled onto something in my blog. I hope you read something. There isn’t a lot of original content on the blog. Much of it is quotes from old men who for the most part are dead. They said what they had to say and moved on.

Now, here I sit, typing away, wondering if my grammar is right; wondering when I should start a new paragraph; wandering from one idea to another. I just decided to make this into a second paragraph. That’s a lot of work for one day. I’m searching…. That’s what this whole blog is about. It is a quest. It is a question. It is my search for the ultimate truths. Sitting and struggling with so much information. Pouring over and over books and articles and quotes and videos and bibles and commentaries and unable to make a whole lot of sense of it all. And unable to understand where people can come up with completely different views of the same things.

Pride fills me up. I don’t want people that read my blog to think that I’m not smart and articulate. So I try to write something and it’s not so good. I save a draft and say that I will go back to it someday. I need to research more. It’s a lot easier to just go find quote from someone else that wrote the same thing.

I have political views. I have religious views. I have views out the wazoos. (It rhymes.) I want to express them. I want to change a few minds. I am scared for this world and I want to do something about it. Yet here I sit. Me and ONE. Grumpy old man… Now, will I post this or save it as a draft?

See you tomorrow ONE:)



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