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Robert John Davi is and actor and jazz singer. He wrote the article that goes with this video. The article raises questions and some good points for our friends in Hollywood.

ACT for America Houston


….Now, there could be several points of view. Perhaps this is some CIA misinformation video to cause Islamophobia — or some vast right wing conspiracy, or Christians are responsible — or no, maybe it’s none of these. Maybe it’s … that’s it, the Jews, they are behind it! There they go again!

Or what if it is just as the video depicts? What then?

My fellow Americans, please help me. I just want the truth! Does anyone out there know? Is this real? Could it be that one of the greatest journalists, Oriana Fallaci, got it right in her book “The Force of Reason?”

Could it be that David Horowitz and others have forewarned us? Could it be that the New York Times magazine section was just a hoax when it did an article on the Father of this movement, Sayyid Qutb, nine years ago? Sayyid…

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