All Falderal / what ails us?

all is one. . .i am not you

if all is one and i am not you, which is it?

do you want to be me?

do i want to be you?

if all is one, then i am god?

then, who are you?

are you god too?

if all WAS one, then why is it no more?

if i wonder, what is wrong with the world?

is it that i am not you?

in other words all, currently, isn’t one, right?

so, if all was one, once, what changed?

and, if all became one again, would what is wrong be made right?

if all is one, there is no diversity?

if all is one there is no right or wrong, right?

why am i so confused?


what is nothing?

there is always something, because there must be ONE which is…


are you nothing or everything?

am i nothing or everything? which do i want to be?


possible is real and it is nothing.

everything that is, is possible.

every thought is possible.

if everything that is, is possible, then, possibility is the mother of everything.

possibility is a nothing that is pregnant with everything.

it is the pregnant nothing.

do you move in the pregnant nothing?

if you realize possibility, then you are everything.

Buddha is  possibility, the incarnation of possibility.

all manifestations of possibility are equal and free.

in the possibility you have the freedom.

in the manifestations  you are free from the desire because your true self is the possible self.

…practical, existential…Buddha is a pile of shit and vegetables grow better when Buddha is added.

all is in Buddha; all is one


In the beginning, Allah is one … Allah must create to have relationship …

if all is one, are there any relationships?

if all is one, what is love? One cannot know. Allah cannot know.

without relationships: one is not caught in illusion, diversity and suffering.

what then?

self-realization, self-actualization, only self …

non-being .


you are nothing and everything, no desire, no suffering, no relationships to anything …


in the self, is death.

all is one, is death …


 SO, …i am not you

i don’t want to be you

in the other, is life

ordinary, beautiful life

eating and drinking

power in the ordinary

power in humility

i think you make God happy, sometimes

i think i make God happy, sometimes


I am I and not you.

unity in diversity

what does all this mean?

God alone is God and God is not alone.



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