Parzival, A Romance of the Middle Ages, written by Wolfram Von Eschenbach  is considered by some the greatest of the Grail poems.  It encompasses much of human experience both worldly and spiritual.  It’s hero, Parzival, gives a picture of the journey of the life of the individual within society. When Parzival rebels against God, against his destiny and against society, the only way to repair the damage is through the recognition of his own true nature; only then can he be reconciled with God, repair the damage he has done and come again to the Grail. There at last, he asks the one question that can heal all, and when he does, heaven and earth move once more in harmony.

This blog is not so much about a Medieval tale, but about the search and the journey that each and every one of us goes through to answer life’s big questions.

Every human being that has ever lived, no matter where or when they lived, has asked certain big questions. These questions are so endemic to humanity that we may not even realize that we are asking them. They can be boiled down to four basic questions: 1) Who am I? 2) Why am I here? 3) What is wrong with the world? Because we all know that there is something wrong with this world.  And, 4) How can what is wrong be made right?

If only all could be made right by the asking of a question: